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Undeniable Divinity©

"Human Beings are like the individual jets of flame on a gas stove... God is the reservoir of gas underneath.  Even so, the more we open ourselves up to God's Presence within us, the greater the flow of God's light and power that can be manifest in our lives."

                                                                                       ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

The above quote expresses an understanding that is Universal to many systems of belief.  As profound as it is, we explore in this workshop what it means to truly grasp what it means to be "created in the image of The Divine" and then begin to experience it directly and personally. 

After exploring sacred knowledge that makes it "safe" for your logical/rational mind to allow this potential to be "possible", I then immerse you in exercises that begin and consolidate for you, direct personal experience of this state.  Time spent travelling through this body of work opens the door for your Soul and Deeper Self to emerge more fully through previous limitations and doubts, taking this concept from the realm of theory and philosophy into a living, breathing, conscious way of living your life.

To "Be The Change You Want to See In The World" as Gandhi said, we need a direct experience of what it is  that is always active "behind the scenes" of outer life, consciously and permanently creating the events, situations and experiences that will lead, if we use them with awareness, to the evolution and raising of personal vibration that allows us to truly be-come an agent of Grace, Light and a sense of the Sacred in our world.

If you are looking at forming or deepening your intimate relationship with what is sacred, eternal and Divine within you, and bringing that into the world to "become part of the solution" to these extra-ordinary times we live in, consider this a radiant and joyful personal invitation from my Deeper Self to yours.

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