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Dream Work

Night  Dreams


Dreams are the answers to questions we

haven't yet thought to ask.

The treasure is in our dreaming.

A dream unresolved is like a letter unread.

As already mentioned in the Imagery section, this aspect of the work seeks to primarily address "night dreams" or the dreams that you have when dozing and asleep... that time when your conscious mind no longer "controls" the territory of thought and images, and your subconscious mind speaks to you through stories and dreams.


These dreams are not just flights of fantasy to be pushed aside or ignored... they are messengers from your subconscious, bringing deep insight, understanding and personal "treasure" to your conscious and waking life.  Whether dreams are beautiful and filled with light or dark nightmares that reveal shadows and fears, each one is a chest of treasures for you to open and explore... a map to guide you in the parts of your life where you are not yet clear.


My work here is to help you understand and integrate your dreams so that they are not left "unresolved" or unchartered.  Dreams can visit us over and over in an attempt to get our attention and signal insight, so in these sessions we will work together to unfold exactly what is occurring for you through your night-time adventures.

All sessions are done in person, and the utmost privacy

and confidentiality is assured.

Please contact me for any personal queries.

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