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These are the testimonials of some of the beautiful souls I have had the priviledge to know and work with over the years.  I am humbled and grateful for their input here.

Each has, in his or her own way, worked to give you a window into the work I do by giving you insight into their experience of the work and the impact it has had in their lives.

Somewhere in these words you may find answers to questions you may have or receive any insight you may need.  This work is so "wide" that it is hard to define in a few web pages, so the words of these wonderful people may explain what I do even better than I can!

I wnder if they could ever realise how very deeply they have influecned and impacted my life, and how much I have learned by spending time with them and being asked to read for them and/or teach them about their own hearts, light and amazing potentials.

They have been my teachers and guides in this life, as much as they feel I have been theirs, and I stand in awe of their journeys, lives, courage and choices.

Thank you to all of you.... for your words, your wilingness to be so vulnerable here, and for your Presence in my Life.

My Love, Gratitude and Blessings to you all.


​Articulating exactly what Samantha "does" is like trying to describe grace personified, which she is. The depth of her intuition,​ compassion, ​insight and knowledge is simply indescribable. When I refer friends to her, I simply say "Talk to Samantha, she has helped me to completely change my life."

Samantha has been the truest spiritual companion on this journey we call life. I have been working with Samantha since 2009; my respect, trust and loyalty to her are unconditional. Not because she demands it; but deserves it. She is the most unbounded yet humble individual I know. Her guidance is always "tailored"-made to my situation-- she is not off in a fairy tale land spouting lovely but useless New Age clichés. Absolutely not... she knows that the spiritual journey is often rough and difficult.  But she always has practical advice and guidance to suit where you are on your path and how your individual "personality" operates in this world. I have never felt alone on this journey with her as a companion. Samantha maintains her own spiritual practices and has endured her own challenges and therefore can fully appreciate what you are experiencing as well.

And lest you think there is dependency here, there is not. I still work with Samantha because I am on a spiritual journey to evolve who I am as a human being. I've worked with many healers, and read many books, but Samantha has always provided the highest level of support in terms of spiritual guidance. There is a lot of nonsense out there and many ways to waste both money and time; never with Samantha. Samantha doesn't "dictate" a certain number of sessions nor would she ever say she is the only person to help you. The decision to work with her is totally yours; as it should be. The road is tough; and there is absolutely no reason to go it alone. Whether you are traversing a difficult part of your own path or simply want someone to provide you with divinely inspired guidance and support; you've found your guide in Samantha.



For me, Samantha Smallwood is an interpreter of divine wisdom to earthly people. In the more than ten years that I have known Samm she has contributed enormously to my personal empowerment and spiritual development. I have benefitted from one-on-one sessions, from weekly group gatherings and from two-day seminars. All have taken place in an atmosphere of love, learning and laughter.

Samm is a creative and powerful teacher, who explains the most complicated processes with extreme clarity. Even though now we are continents apart, I tap into her clairvoyant knowledge when I need it most through Skype sessions. I wish everyone a source of wisdom like Samm in her/his life!

~ Dorien Beurskens (Africa)

Working with Samantha over the last 15 months has allowed myself to navigate and steer through one of the most turbulent periods of my life. Sam has gently but firmly provided guidance, knowledge and serious insight into the many facets of my life and given me the strength and tools to use 'grace' to the best of my ability.

This working relationship has strengthened my gratitude and perspective towards my character and my responsibilities, from this I have developed a deeper understanding of actually who I am and am starting to experience both a softer and healthier quality to everyday.

Sam has facilitated the answers to so many questions that had sat unanswered. My heart literally sings after a session with Sam. I have grown so much and know I have become a better version of myself with her guidance. 

The simple truth is I enjoy who I am more because I opened up and trusted the process of working with Sam.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Sam to anyone who is curious and needs to learn to trust their own abilities.

Sam is indeed the most 'contemporary mystic' that I have been so lucky to cross paths with.

I dearly thank Emily Alp for the recommendation.

~ Layla (USA)

Samantha, thank-you!! My immense gratitude for you goes beyond words; however, I would like to articulate what I can, to demonstrate some of the profound impact you have had on my life.

You have walked with me through some of my darkest times, carried me when I have felt so completely broken, supported me when I have desperately needed to be held and encouraged me gently when I have needed a nudge. Your support has been unwavering, always with the utmost integrity, love, Grace and compassion. You have always been able to see the Truth of me when I have felt shrouded in shadow, unable to see a way forward and you have inspired and urged me to lift my head and take the next step. You have helped me to find the clarity, confidence and strength to move beyond my self-limiting beliefs, to take the steps that I have yearned to take but lacked the courage to make. By you truly witnessing my divine essence and holding me in that light at all times, I have begun to nurture that light within myself, to begin to stand in my highest potential and to no longer play small. I am in awe of who I am becoming, my unique essence and who I am starting to show to the world, the being you have seen all along. I do not know how I would walk this path without you. I know I would get there some-how, but with you by my side the journey is so much easier, and filled with Joy and Grace. I am truly humbled by your magnificence, and your capacity to see the authentic spirit of all beings, with incredible love and compassion and without judgement. You help me to be the best that I can be. My love and gratitude for you knows no bounds. It is a great privilege to know and work with you. I salute you and thank you.

~ Nicole (South Africa)




I have been working with Samantha close to 20 years. As an intuitive healer, Samantha has a rare ability to be incredibly aware and insightful, and through a process of self-examination with her, I am able to understand my own life.  Her gentle but powerfully enriching way enables a process of self-discovery and awareness that instils a feeling of empowered self-efficacy. I not only feel better after a session with Samantha but I always walk away with the tools I need to move forward, ready to embrace the challenges ahead and realize my dreams.  In spite of Samantha gifts and ability she remains humble and approachable with great integrity and confidentiality. After years of working together, Samantha continues to support my growth as an individual.  Thank you Sam!!

~ Sophie Dilmitis (Zimbabwe)



I have been working with Samantha for more than 10 years. She has been a guide and teacher on what is sometimes a challenging journey. She explains when I need more information, she points the way when I’m a little confused, she cheers me on when I am tentative, and sometimes she gives me the necessary kick in the pants to take my own living and commitment to the next stage. Always, even when my growth lessons are serious or terrifying, Samantha remains deeply loving in her focus on my ‘stuff’, with a lightness and humor that never belittle what I am facing. Besides the many notes I take during our sessions, I always come away from my sessions with Samantha with new ways of looking at a situation, tools to help me navigate the current issues I’m facing, or specific assignments for growth that ground me or make me soar, depending on my needs. Could I do this journey on my own? Of course. Yet with Samantha as my teacher and guide, I’m more deliberate, more informed, and much, much more supported than I would be. Sparkles to you, Samantha!

~ Ruth



Samantha is a teacher and through her teachings she is a healer.  She has the rare gift of being able to explain extremely difficult ideas which require a person to think and feel far beyond how they have been taught in school or normal life.  She has been taught by many masters and in turn has brought her own intuitive 'take' on that knowledge.  I think of her as a spiritual therapist as well as a grounded teacher of life skills and of course she is a healer.  She will give you the climbing frame to hang on to and safely make it to the top where the view will be as beautiful as she promises if you do the work.  Sam has dedicated her life to helping others be what they are capable of being and in its simplicity with no judgements, she excites interest in the most important area of life, why are we here and the mysteries and magic that is all around us if we just dare to open our eyes.  Her eyes have been prized open since her first breath.

~ Lucy Plunkett (Zimbabwe)



When I met Sam almost 20 years ago, my world had fallen apart and I was floundering - living in a strange country, with very few friends. However hard I tried, using all that had supported me in the past, I was still left with those hollow, empty feelings of sadness and despair.

It was then I miraculously found Sam and with infinite wisdom, with extraordinary insight and with the deepest, deepest loving kindness, I found my way home to my heart and I have ‘lived’ there ever since. She had guided me through many healing journeys, holding the space always, with great depth, non-judgement and awareness - she is the one person I trust with the care of my soul. I love the truth of her and I am just so grateful to have her loving, generous presence in my life!

~ Phillippa Meyer (South Africa)


Samm is the clearest - she sees everything.  The most loving and caring intuitive counsellor I have ever met.

~ Vyasa (Jay) Ishaya (USA)



After many years of working with Sam it’s been such a fulfilling experience.

I started to work with Sam in my teenage years where she truly helped me to overcome difficult experiences, which were dealt with with much lightness and intelligence and this truly helped me overcome these difficult moments, where I then found the situations enlightened..  I truly recommend Sam as she has fantastic methods to put oneself in peace and surround yourself in unconditional love, which makes you so much better. She feels things very strongly and guides you to finding the right paths in life.

After she moved to the UK we all thought it would be over with her, but it’s thanks to this technology that we can stay in touch.

I have worked with her over skype and it’s been truly great as well. It’s so strange the ways she captures your energy and she feels right next to you.

She has helped me overcome complicated situations with people in my work surroundings, and once again guided me to find inner peace.

I definitely recommend that you take the chance in working with her even over skype!  It’s really amazing ☺

~ With much love and happiness from A.R (Paris –France)



Sam has seen me through many transitions in my life; her amazing healing ability now carries to my next generation. Thank you always being, knowing and helping us find our way through. A true light in life.

~ Clare Wilson



I would, and often do, recommend Samantha to people who are interested in knowing more about themselves, and who are especially keen to work on their spiritual development.  I am therefore very happy to do a written testimonial for Samm.  I am sure you won't be disappointed in what she knows, what she has to tell you and just how much fun it can be to interact with her. I have never met anyone who can challenge me as compassionately as Samantha. The more you are personally able to work on what she tells you, the greater you will benefit.

~ Therese Ring - Spiritual Seeker (New Zealand)



When your soul gently whispers “it’s time to wake up” - choose Samantha to be an integral part of your journey.  Samm will nurture, cocoon and intuitively guide you to emerge as the most magnificent being that you were always meant to be.

~ Bryony Acutt (Zimbabwe)



I was introduced to Samantha Smallwood in 1996. She is someone who changed my life, a phenomenal woman.  A mystic, holistic healer and the wisest person I know. She has helped me with my spiritual growth and dilemmas in life through one on one session in person, Skype calls and incredible group courses.  She taught me to open my mind and has enabled me to shape my life and beliefs to where and what I am now.

Samm is a truly gifted person – beautiful, calming, intriguing, knowledgeable and fun with a vibrant energy.  She sees life as one interconnected energy force that expresses itself lovingly and not judgementally, through each of us.  She is someone I love and trust implicitly with every detail of my life.

~ Sarah Lilford (Zimbabwe)



I have been privileged to have Samantha Smallwood in my life for 12 years and I can say categorically that I would not be the person I am today without her. Her impact on me has been astounding and deep. I have attended courses and have had one on one sessions with Sam and have found light and self acceptance in every dealing. I have never walked away from an encounter with Sam without being impacted profoundly and forever. From advice on my marriage, my parenting, my business and my own life's journey I have covered all bases and have grown in self love and have become a person who can now bless others with my knowledge and my self acceptance. I thank God for her insight and her love.......Sam you are my rock!

~ Christine Moore



I will forever be grateful that I met Samm and for all she has contributed to my life. Initially I went to see her for advice on a situation I was going through in my life, which then led me to attending various workshops of hers over the years which have changed my way of thinking and given me the tools to face and cope with life's various situations. I still contact Samm for spiritual and soul guidance and would attend any workshop she would be offering. Thank you for being such a special and valuable person in my life Samm!"

~ L (Italy)



Samm has been my teacher, guide and spiritual 'go to gal' for the last fifteen years. She has gently guided me and members of my family through one on one healing sessions, group workshops and distant healing. This she has done with kindness, compassion, humility and authenticity.

The light that shines through Samm wraps around you enveloping you and making you feel completely loved and protected. She is most definitely an Earth Angel!

~ Lianne Merdjan  (Harare, Zimbabwe)



I have been working with Sammi for a few months now & she is absolutely wonderful. She has helped me SO much.!! When I started having Skype sessions with Sammi I was going through an emotionally painful breakdown (breakthrough) & I was feeling very lost & confused & she helped me massively!  She helped me  to understand what was actually happening & how to see it in a more positive way & how to help & heal myself. She is an incredibly kind & gentle & encouraging & an all round beautiful angel! I'm not sure I would have gotten through that 'dark/lost' period quite so quickly without her guidance & encouragement.  I feel I have become more focused & have a better understanding of where I'm at & where I'm going. & each day I am becoming more of the bright happy flower that I know I truly am :)

~ Sarah Daisy Hallett (UK)



'I feel truly gifted and fortunate to have had a chance to work with Samantha over the years in one-on-one sessions, both in person and over distance on Skype.

Talking through things with Samantha about my life challenges (some of which seemed to be difficult to comprehend) always helped me to understand what I needed to know and stay positive. The quality of the chat over Skype and/or phone has always been excellent. It is as good as being in the same room. Samantha is not only very knowledgeable and capable of accurately providing the guidance that one requires, but also truly genuine and very caring. I always feel sincerely listened to, well taken care of and encouraged. No words can describe how much I have benefited from chatting with Samantha and cannot help wishing that many more people will have a chance to do the same.

~ Grateful Soul and Mother (Japan)



I have had several sessions with Samantha and now consider her my main life coach. She has a depth of understanding of the changes we are going through as a human collective that is unmatched. We are all exposed to new levels of information and experience in all areas of our lives. And traditional and old means of conversation and therapies do not fit these experiences anymore I find. They may put bandaids on or, in more cases, confuse us or pull us backward. I feel with Samantha I have found someone who can see what I am experiencing clearly and empathize and sympathize with me to the depth and height I need to make advances from a conversation with her. She always, always gives at least one practical solution or activity as a kind of divine homework--in my case, I am always eager to start the homework and advance my life further, because the resonance of its timing is always so strong that I just know it will. Best Wishes and Lots of Love!!!

~ Emily Alp (Thailand)


For close on to twenty years Samantha Smallwood as my Intuitive Counsellor and Spiritual Director has been helping me make sense of my life. Samm has worked with me through one on one consultations, two day workshops, weekend retreats and longer courses, covering subjects like inner child work, exploration of the soul, ( my absolute favourite ) manifestation and co-creation, living congruently, challenging belief systems and meditation.

Each encounter has changed me in more ways than I can say here.

My outlook on life has turned to a more positive one, my self-efficacy has increased and I have added tools to my life skills that I believe has made me resilient and allowed me not only to weather circumstances but also thrive and be fulfilled.

I am braver and less afraid in life, because of the knowledge she has imparted. When I look back over the twenty years, I see the magic threads woven through my life in the almost unbelievable events that have occurred because I have allowed Divine expression in my life as a result of my participation in the various  workshops.

Samm, you are a wonderful being, you have held sacred space which has brought healing, understanding, love , light and a whole lot of magic to many. I am honoured by and will always be grateful for your sharing.

~ Mands , Harare, Zimbabwe


I find myself continuously going back to the personal readings . Samm is a very special lady  who saved and transformed my life . I don’t know how to express my gratitude for the help and advice  you have given me . You are wonderful . Thank you Samm .

~ Michelle (Sweden)

I met Samantha for the first time in 2009 but got to hear about her work through friends in 2006. In this time she has blown me away with her kindness, her generosity and her spiritual connection. I have been a participant on course she has conducted as well as one on one counselling sessions.

As a counsellor, both spiritually and emotionally, I could not have found someone to be more caring, more generous, more enlightening. Samantha doesn't give you the answers. But she does tell you where you can go look to find them. And if you are prepared to do the work and go looking…WOW, Samantha sends you off on journeys that are incredible in their own right, let alone the learning you experience.

Samantha has counselled me in one-on-one sessions, face to face in Harare, by Skype when she was in Tanzania and I was in Harare, and by Skype when she was in the UK and I was in Botswana.

As a teacher, Samantha's courses are powerful and you better have your “A”-game on when you attend her courses. She is well prepared, she challenges all your beliefs, your strengths, your weakness. She explains everything in detail and she lifts you to see beyond your existing limitations. When you finish a course with Samantha … YOU GO …. “WOW!! That was awesome!!”

As a teacher and a counsellor, I don't think there are too many people out there who are better than Samantha Smallwood. However, I got to go one better now and I am able to and honoured to call her a friend. And that is incredible!!!

~ Gerry McGahan (UK)



I first went to Samm several years ago when my life was very definitely not working and I was at a loss as to how to fix it.

I had tried anti-depressants, but they didn’t work for me, and anyway, I felt they were only treating my symptoms, not the root cause. I had tried therapists and psychologists and was always frustrated with their methodology and by my lack of progress – going over and over the wound, but never healing; their scientific, rational and cerebral approach was all very well, but I felt the element of Spirit was missing. So I tried religion, but found the doctrines of all of them too judgemental and narrow to help me.

Then I found Samm.

With Samm I found a safe place where what I felt was honoured, and importantly, validated. (I wasn’t crazy after all!) She not only listened to me with complete compassion, she was able to cut through all the froth to the core underlying issue. She then enabled me to see it, the relationship dynamics at work as a result, and what I needed to do to move forward. She gave me the tools and taught me how to use them to heal myself and my life. She taught me how to retrieve my power. This has been the most important thing for me.

I have worked with Samm on both a one-on-one basis, and in a group environment. I was very nervous in the group at first, but Samm held the energy for all of us and made it a safe place. As a result, the group became my support and got me through some very dark times.

When Samm and I moved to different countries, I was devastated and quite bereft! I didn’t see how an online consult could possibly be effective – but my first Skype session with her soon dispelled any misgivings. The only irritation was a minor delay due to my internet speed, otherwise it’s just the same as a face-to-face session.

Samm is the Real Deal; I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her to anyone who is looking for genuine healing in their lives.

~ Penny Taylor (UK)



My first session with Sam, the first of several over the years, I could never forget, was back in 1996.  A few days later I had a huge purge and for no apparent reason other than the huge cleanse that had shifted my reality, into what I now call the 'real' world.

Sam is a multi-dimensional Light Worker, gifted with a highly developed emotional intelligence and unique healing talent.  It was with her help and guidance that my journey has begun.

I feel extremely limited by words to describe what and how Samm's work is, just immensely privileged to have done so. I would recommend Sam's help on your personal journey. You won't look back!

~ Luisa Agliatta (UK)



The benefits I gained from working collectively with Samm for many years (1999 – 2009) were immeasurable.  Mostly we had one-on-one healing sessions.  She would firstly talk me through recent experiences in the past (3 or 6 ) months, then I would lie down and she would transmute my darkness into the light as she worked on my chakras. Various spiritual beings would then guide her to work and renew energy on the chakras that had become blocked and stopped them from functioning at optimal levels.

Once the healing session was done we would discuss the messages that she would have written out as she worked with the Higher Beings and Angels.   Thereafter there would be a spiritual re-connection with my Higher Self. All of this left me with a deep sense of peace and personal capability to approach most challenges facing me.

~ Mercia Davids (South Africa)



I was persuaded to visit Samm many years ago, probably 10 years ago at least. My life seemed to be in utter turmoil and it was impossible for me to see a way through the tangled threads of my life. Sitting with Samm who has an unbelievable ‘knack’ of just ‘knowing’ how to read and guide one, over many sessions and years (in person and over distance on Skype) I learnt how to piece my life back together. I learnt how to handle the many emotions and difficult situations I found myself in, and with the “tools” she gave me and her guidance I became more able to cope with my day to day living. She made me realize I could face life full on again! Her immensely calm and spiritual life is infectious and I like to think she helped me become more spiritual and in so doing I feel in better control of my life.

Thank you Samm for helping me to turn my life around, and from being totally discouraged and my confidence shattered you helped me to work through all these issues and as a result become empowered and able to cope. Love and Light,

~ Mary (Zimbabwe)



I have known and done loads of courses and readings with Samm over a long period of time in Zimbabwe, during which I have benefitted hugely from readings to courses and much more.  I have learnt a great deal and experienced the spiritual world with her guidance and wise counsel, not to mention all delivered with special love. I thank you Samm for the growth and knowledge I have experienced and learnt so much from you over the years. With love xxx

~ Annie Weston



My association with Samantha Smallwood was in Zimbabwe and goes back many years, at least 20 years   Over the years, I have been on many weekend workshops,  as well as longer courses with Samm, and I have had a few one-on-one sessions with her as well.  I was always very impressed with how well organized and presented the workshops and courses were.  The subjects were always interesting, and challenging and everyone left having gained more knowledge and insights about themselves  and their spirituality.

Samm knows how to get the best out of each of the participants in a very gentle loving way.  Being an intuitive counsellor was very evident in the one-on-one sessions which I found hugely helpful.

There is always more to learn and  I am so pleased she is setting up a website.  Many of us are now scattered around the globe, and this will be a way to connect with her again,  and  Samm can do the work she does so well.

~ J. Maggs (South Africa)



Since as long as I can remember, there was always a locked door in my subconscious; it was the place where the wild things roamed…. monsters and dragons and the shadow people who lived in my cupboard and woke me up in the night. When I was a young adult, it was the place I banished my nightmares and those weird feelings I got when I lived in old houses. People said I was too sensitive and others that it was a hippy “indigo thing”. My family told me that it was a gift I had inherited from my grandmother… that I would attract things like that and I shouldn’t think about it too much.  The door was left firmly bolted even though I could sense that restless ancient stuff was always moving “back there”, trying to get my attention on moonlit nights.

Then in 2005 I met Sammy. She dared me to open that door, and then she took me by the hand as I crossed the threshold, into the other world. When I grew scared, I could always feel her hand, strong and gentle and her calm voice urging me on. She showed me the beauty and magic of the place I had always feared and taught me to make it my home. She moved around completely at peace and introduced me to the guardians of the light. I marvelled at her courage and how at home she was in this forbidden world, and she showed me the way with great patience, picking me up each time I tripped. Through it all, my guide of the other world, became my friend in this.  She taught me that the only way through is the path of lightness.

~ X (Harare)



I have known Samm for some 25 years having met her when we were both at school in Zimbabwe.  It was, however, in her professional capacity that I came to know her better years after school and although we had lost touch through much of the last decade, we have now reconnected and I am delighted that we are ‘working together’ once again.

It was my privilege to attend Samm’s “Back to Basiks” workshops (x3) in the mid-1990s as well as working with her in one-to-one sessions around the same time.  Samm’s workshops are always so enjoyable – a safe and fun learning environment peopled with folk who are genuinely interested in knowing more about themselves and of course this wonderful living, breathing, energetic environment we call home.  Her enthusiasm, knowledge and wisdom are second to none and the booklets she provided on those workshops are still part of my collection of ‘how to’ esoteric materials.

It is however in the one-to-one sessions with Samm that I have always felt the most benefit and shift in personal progress.  It really does feel like you’re sitting talking to a wise sage – and so much information is forthcoming that is really is worth recording and listening to it all again later! She is always so supportive and caring and you really do feel like she absolutely understands where you’re coming from – and the challenges you face.  She gives very clear and practical advice about how to deal with situations in your life and is always on hand for clarity should it be required.

It is incredibly difficult to describe what Samm actually does – she’s a therapist, counsellor and teacher all rolled into one very dynamic package!  And she most definitely will give you a push every now and again if required (well, she does to me anyway!) but it’s always for your highest good and is never done in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable or vulnerable.

I can honestly say that, her valued friendship aside, my very challenging life is just that bit easier with Samm in it and I really would recommend her to anyone who truly wants to learn more about themselves, their relationships and their life in general.  Thanks Samm - it's so great to be riding the rollercoaster called life with you!!

~ Clare (UK)



I can’t really tell you what it is that Samm does, but I can tell you that it works.

Some years ago, when I lived in Zimbabwe, enjoying what I saw as a comfortable, carefree existence, I went to visit a friend who seemed to have changed overnight. From an over-active, hard-partying, noisy woman, she had become calm, contented and in control.  Whilst I had always enjoyed her company, I now admired her new sense of composure – something I wanted more of. “Go and see Samm Smallwood”, my friend said. “You’ll experience something you’ve never experienced before – you’ll experience your ‘self’.

So I went, taking along my arch-0sceptic, scientist husband who is always open to new experiences.   I can’t remember who went in to see Samm first, but I can recall being curious about why my experience elicited silent tears, while his seemed to be filled with laughter.

Samm wrote everything down for us so we could understand what she had done.  I remember being fascinated by her statement that my husband was an ’old soul,’ who had been a teacher throughout ‘all his lives’.  Although Samm knew nothing about us, I realised that even when he was doing his war service he was training pilots in the RAF.

I, too, seem to have come away with a healing that has lasted since then.   During the intervening time we have had several major upheavals, having to leave my home country, then my adopted home country  - leaving behind friends and family in both places, and above all, bearing the sudden death of my beloved only daughter. Throughout all these challenges and changes, I seem to have been able to retain a positive feeling about life and all it throws at me.

I remember, too, that Samm said my husband was ‘all mind’ and I was with him to teach him love.  That is being borne out now. We are both much older, he has dementia and I am his sole carer.  What can be better than being able to care completely for someone you love completely?

Before Samm, I had always felt inadequate somehow, not quite good enough at anything.   She seemed to remove that shard of self doubt.

Thank you, Samm, for revealing to me that love is enough and that it can make everything better.   This calmness, it’s not a sense of indifference. Quite the opposite in fact, it’s rather a kind of ‘wholeness’.  Love, Bee.

~ Bee Mundy-Castle (Manchester UK)



At a time in my life when I was not sure how to move forward, and had tried other forms of help, Sam was the lady who was able to provide me with the tools and know how to move forward. The ability to believe in myself and that in fact “everything is ok”. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel and I finally knew how to get there.

The warmth, understanding and unconditional desire to want you to be happy is what made my experience with Sam so much easier. There is no clinical surrounding or approach, you are not made to feel like another case that needs solving or fixing but rather as the person you are and the confidence to become the person you want to be.

The setting in which you work with Sam is tranquil, warm, serene, inviting and welcoming. I always felt safe in being myself, saying what needed to be said, listening to what was being said and then working on the way forward to achieve my goals.

Working on yourself or a situation is never an easy thing to achieve, it was daunting, I was lost, but the way in which Sam has taught me to approach different scenarios, situations and feelings has given me the ability to lead the uncomplicated, HAPPY life that I wanted. Knowing now, that no situation, feeling or scenario is too big, complicated or as scary as imagined has given me a new perspective on all things. I can see the beauty in the simple things in life and the things that matter the most.

THANK YOU Sam for all that you have done for me, for all the wisdom and love you continue to give. You are a remarkable soul!

~ Tammy Wallace, Gloucestershire, UK



We first met many moons ago... You were the best dancer in the school and everyone looked up to you and wanted to be just like you. I remember watching you put your ballet shoes on (random I know - but I literally can picture that tiny room with the silly little stove in the corner perfectly ha ha) and thinking "wow!" You just had a magical aura about you! Even then... it's amazing thinking back... Anyway...

Years later we were reintroduced and I was in a low place. Walking into your space instantly put me at ease. It felt like a different universe. Your smile, kind voice and calming nature instantly put me at ease, even though I was feeling very conflicted, scared and pretty useless, you showed me that that wasn't true to me, to who I REALLY was. You made me write a few bits about how I was feeling inside which I hated, but then, BOOM... Your words, care, tenderness and understanding showed me what I had been missing. I felt stronger and knew what I needed to do for me, so I was nurturing what I really felt and believed was true to me. I made decisions that terrified me, but, I knew they were right. Facing that fear was OK as you showed me the way and I understood that I needed to face my fears. Thank you so much!

Fast forward some more years and again I was in a place that scared me, fearing the same mistakes I had made and fearing the "what ifs" I was floating through life and not appreciating any of it and again (even though we were on different continents) your wisdom, caring, compassion and understanding was so clear and evident, you showed me that I wasn't alone. I had angels around me all the time… Human ones that I could see and others that I could feel. You told me things that I knew were true and showed me I was ready to leave that part of me behind and face the next steps in my life, even though I was blinded by my fear of failure and scared of the unknown and reliving my past. Your knowledge and honesty helped me build my strength back up, by explaining what I couldn't work out for myself.


There have been a few more times since then namely when we had our home burgled. And again there you were, a special Angel willing to help. Even though you weren't physically with me, you were with me! You took the time to understand what happened, picture it all, put yourself through it all (I'm so sorry!) and understand why this happened. Your words all made perfect sense and you were right in all you said. The changes we have made since that day have been huge. You lifted this dark, angry cloud above our heads and filled our home and hearts with love.


Not sure how much of this is making sense, or relative, but ultimately... it's your time, your love, your understanding and your guidance that has helped bring us to where we are today. We as humans never take the time to really, really, REALLY see what is happening around us. Life happens and we go along with the flow, but your words and the beauty you share with all your friends helps us open our eyes and really see the beauty all around us. To really focus on the truths and find a way to work out what we need to do for our souls to be happy! Your support for my family is unending and we are forever grateful to you!


Thank you Samm for being in our lives, whether near or far, busy or stressed, you always put others first, you are a true Angel  that has touched mine and so many other lives in an uncountable amount of ways!

~ Litsa Contell (UK)



BELIEVE AND YOU RECEIVE!!!!     Hi   -   This is my story (Angie - an inspired mom and go lucky person living a fulfilling life in Greece)

I would like to express my sincere and deepest gratitude to Samantha for helping me manifest everything in my life right now.   You were the person who started this journey for me nine years ago.  My life is all the better because of you for helping me apply the principles and use the tools of the secret to life… for changing my belief system and for helping me shift my energies to choosing faith over doubt, and happiness over fear.

I wished to change my job and within two months of beginning to search I held the offer letter in my hand, earned an excellent salary and was able to travel and enrol myself in courses and so became more independent.

I wished to study later in life and at the age of 37 qualified as a certified fitness instructor and massage therapist.

I wished to move out of my childhood home - and yes within two weeks I found an amazing apartment close to work and home.

I wished for a soul-mate and oh did it happen quickly… a wonderful man came into my life, and I am now happily married to him with a four year old little boy and living by the sea in Greece… just as I had put it on my vision board.

Every day is a wonderful day and every day is magical.

Thank you,   Thank you,   Thank you. Xxxxxxxxx

~ Angela Myriangos Kouloubis (Greece)

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