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Radiance of the

Christed  Heart©



As long as the mind and ego control the direction of creating, there will always be problems

in the outer world, for the ego thinks only of itself and lives in duality.

But when the heart is in control, everything comes back to balance,

for the heart feels and knows only the oneness of life.

In all my years of personal seeking, facilitating healing with individuals and working with groups, there are certain bodies of work that I have personally experienced and witnessed others developing fuller capacities in:-

(i) living a life led from the Sacred Space of the Heart

(ii) living a life of greater compassion and union with others and all life

(iii) creating profound personal awareness

(iv) bringing genuine empowerment, and

(iii) allowing permanent transformation when fully engaged. 


In this regard I have created these "Exploring..." pages.  Through them I hope to guide you to what I consider to be some of the greatest mystics, teachers and authors of our time.   Drunvalo is one of these teachers.

After studying The Flower of Life in the 1990's and voraciously reading "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life" by Drunvalo Melchizedek, in June 2006 I was guided to attend his Earth/Sky Workshop which forever altered the way I encounter reality and how I experience my relationship to Life and create from Consciousness of my Heart.

Prior to attending the workshop, it was mandatory that we read "Living In The Heart", and during the workshop I asked Drunvalo for his permission to read and explore this book with the groups of people I was working with.  He graciously and lovingly gave his permission.

It is in this capacity that I created "Radiance of the Christed Heart"... an open and sacred heart-space, where individuals can read and explore this book, and then discuss their experience of it... a gentle beginning to exploring the heart and its "technology".

I, in no way claim ownership of this work or claim to be an expert in this work... I am simply a lover of Living Life from my Heart, and as one who has experienced this work and lives it every day, I cannot more highly recommend that you look into it.

If you would like to join a small experiential discussion group on this book or simply ask more questions, it would be my pleasure to talk with you and walk with you as a fellow Spiritual Seeker and Heart-Centered Companion in the hope of supporting and aiding your self-discovery through this work.  If you feel my assistance and insight would be beneficial to you, please feel free to contact me in this regard, and I wish you love, beautiful creations and joy through your exploration of this life-changing work.

If you would like to fully dive into this work led by one of Drunvalo's certified teachers through an Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop please do visit and


I leave you with this for your enjoyment.


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