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Energy Work

"Everything alive pulsates with energy,

and all of this energy contains information."

                                  ~ Caroline Myss

We are all physical beings, using the five senses of sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing to explore our world through the physical body, which is the "vessel" of the senses.  Our experiences of life through our senses make the world we live in seem real and "touchable" and we consistently experience validation of this reality through sharing life with everyone else in the world who is also using their five senses to explore.


But, there are other apects of you that are extremely real to you, but not "available" for others to see or hear or realize, without you "bringing them" through your body.  That is the world of your thoughts and feelings and hopes and dreams and fears, to mention but a few.  These aspects of you only become "real" to others when you can bring them to the surface through physical expression e.g. who knows you are happy until you smile?  Or who knows your thoughts until you speak them or write them down? 


Although these thoughts and emotions do not become "physical" until we make them visible through the body, they do exist within their own "bodies" i.e. the emotional body, the mental body and the pain body.  We call the collection of these energetic bodies The Human Energy Field, or as it is more commonly known, the "Aura".  This living field of thought and emotion readily and immediately impacts the physical body without us even realising it, and the crossroads and areas where these energetic bodies cross/meet the physical body are called chakras. 


You can read much about this on the internet, but simply put, I am able to see and to read and access all of the information that is in your chakras and energy field... and this information will be the sum of all of the experiences you have ever had in this lifetime, and beyond.  So, it is important to access this information, to see where relationships, thoughts, emotions, perceptions etc. may be blocked or stagnant.  Blockages of this nature have a very real impact on all levels of your health, manifesting in various ways in your life and physical body from low energy, depression, anxiety, confusion and as "dis-ease".  So, it does help to understand where these challenges might be, and then shift them to allow healing and resolution to take place.


I do not need to be in the same room as you to do readings of this nature, and find it very easy to read your energies across time and distance, so we would just set-up time to meet in Skype or in person, and see what reveals itself for your insight and healing.


Please do contact me if you have any further questions about this, or if you would like to book an appointment for a reading.

All sessions are done in person,

and the utmost privacy and confidentiality is assured.

Please contact me for any personal queries.

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