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Mission Statement

"As is the human body, So is the cosmic body.

As is the human mind, So is the cosmic mind.

As is the microcosm, So is the macrocosm.

As is the atom, So is the universe."

                                      ~ The Upanishads


We are born into life, which we mostly experience as a "mystery" that rarely seems to give-up its secrets.   Through whatever form our life-journey takes, at some point we are all brought into situations that see us asking bigger questions about it all ... "Why Me? Why This? Why Now?" Seeking the mechanisms of what makes life "tick" will inevitably see us re-aligning our lives and priorities as each of us in our own way and time are brought ultimately to the understanding that all Life, in its many expressions and forms, is born out of One Underlying, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent, Never-Changing Existence. which is known by many names… Source, The Divine, The Creator, The Universe, God.


The main "arena of re-alignment" that we visit during these events, is the relationship between your "self" (your personality/ego self) and your other "Self" i.e. your Soul, your Higher Self, your Inner Self... The Divine Within you.  This deep Presence exists beyond your identities, masks and history, and whatever name you give it, it is ever-loving, creative, intelligent and dynamic, and it will always rise to guide you and support you and fill your moments with Grace and Illumination if you know how to find its "mark" in your day-to-day life. 


Filled with unlimited potential, this "Eternal Traveller" that is your Essence, began this journey through life-experiences long before you were born, and will continue adventuring long after this particular Earth-Walk has ended... always connected at its deepest root to the One Underlying Reality… to Existence itself. 


All Life as we experience it, is an exploration of Creation.  Some of that Creation existed before we were born, created by those who came before us, and as we live our own lives and journeys, we then add to that Creation through the impact that our choices and creations have on others and on Life.  Our lives in all of the varied manifestations they take, are all extensions and expressions of Existence and Soul, reaching through us to touch, explore and create within this "reality" we all assume is so real.  No matter our circumstances, or what we are going through, we all remain fully connected to this Inner Presence and to Existence at all times.  For some individuals, this inner connection is a very real and conscious experience, and for others it is something that they have just "forgotten", and simply need help to "remember".


No matter our beliefs or level of awareness, through use of our free-will, choices, thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, intuition and knowing, each one of us weaves our very own unique and personal Soul-Signature into the fabric of Reality itself... each one individual, and yet all connected at a deeper level as One. 

The personality/ego self that we all have, explores itself and its creations in two ways... Firstly, externally through a myriad of relationships, energy exchanges, power dynamics, events and situations. 

Secondly, it explores itself by turning inward to reach for the Soul, exploring the Inner Life through practises and disciplines that support inward movement.  There are many ways to do this, some of which include meditation, contemplation, prayer or dreaming… all of which facilitate a return to our Essential Core.  Ultimately we surrender to the wisdom, light and guidance of the Soul, and from this place we are able to witness our lives' events from a deeper, calmer and vaster perspective beyond the reactive and limited ego/personality.

Always dynamic, this living journey is sometimes beautiful and illuminated, peaceful and inspiring… sometimes it is devastating, chaotic, confusing and downright painful… but, still we are drawn on, through cycles within cycles, deeper and deeper into the Mystery of it all.

It is my sincerest and humblest calling to become a bridge between these inner and outer worlds for whomever I can serve in this way by offering insight, guidance and teaching on all of the above.  My aim always, is to assist you in “languaging” the deeper truth of what is occurring in your life, and to help you build your own bridge of clarity out of the ashes of the old and free you into new choices and experiences.

I work to help you to build inner Light… the Light that needs to be built  into your relationship with your Inner Self and Soul, which then creates a reservoir of spiritual stamina that will be available to you in times of creation and also in times of crisis.  This stamina also works to help you hold your focus in the Present Moment, and more fully on the inner planes, as well as empowering you to hold your own sense of personal power intact, in spite of the challenges that approach you from the “outer”. 

You can also bring this light to your inner shadows to discover their truth and gift, and as mentioned above, like a phoenix, you then build a new sense of personal truth and self out of the ashes of the old patterns and unconsciousness of your history.

The mysteries of why situations unfold in our lives are hidden deep, but with guidance and knowledge comes the development of a wisdom which helps to unfold the multitude of gifts and purpose disguised within the illusions of any challenging experience, relationship or situation.

Hopefully within these pages you will find something within my “repertoire” that will help you to walk your Life’s journey… and if not, thank you for bringing your energy and light to this site for a brief amount of time, and may you find your way with Grace and with ease to whatever it is that you seek.

Blessings and Grace from my Heart to yours…


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