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Working Together

"The Only Way Out, Is In."

                    ~ Leonard Jackson

...I aim to bring holistic clarity and alignment between what you would consider to be your "Inner Life" and the experience of your Outer Reality, so that you may have a greater understanding and a bigger-picture perspective of what is occurring in your Life.  This then empowers and enables you to make the choices you need to at any given moment in your life. 


My passion is all about bringing individuals into their Highest Potential and Empowerment, and my particular speciality is working to gain deeper understanding of events, situations, relationships etc. by lensing what is occurring for you through the perspective of your Soul's Journey, and bringing that alongside your physical, emotional and mental processes, to create new flows of potential, choice, opportunity, creation and direction in your life. 


In essence, I work to help you find congruence between your deep internal truths and what it means to translate that into your world as action, deed and manifestation... helping you to identify "where you are at" and where you would like "to be", and then supporting the spiritual, emotional, mental or physical steps you need to take in order to transform your life. 


I do this through chatting and discussing with you, and also use heightened intuition, so I am able to bring to the surface deeper truths and realisations than would usually be available to your everyday awareness, which in general would only consider the physical and emotional facts of your life.


This information that is given forward I believe comes from your Inner Being/Soul, so I am simply reflecting back at you that which is already present as insight to you, but perhaps not so easily known by you due to life's busy demands and distractions, or perhaps due to narrowed self-perception or even fear of what that clarity might invite as change/chaos into your life. 


I have been doing this work for over twenty-five years, and have worked one-on-one/in-person with hundreds people all over the world.  I adore the dynamics of a group, and have created and taught facilitated many workshops and retreats... all driven by the passion to hand-over tools that help to empower and free people from what they perceive as unchangeable or stuck. 

Now, through the technological evolution this world has made, I am also afforded the opportunity to be of help at any time, in any place (amazing really) through Skype with people all over the world. 

I hope this gives you a general idea of what it is I have to offer, how I work and what I do.  If you would like a greater detail on this, please click on the Mission Statement Tab, and if you have any further questions, please do contact me.

Again, Blessings from My Heart to Yours,


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