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Invisible Embrace©


The Mystery of Divine Intimacy

"When you follow your Bliss, doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors... and where there would not be a door for anyone else."

~ Joseph Campbell



Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, we are not now, never have been, and never will be alone in any space that we occupy.  No matter our emotional state or personal belief system, this Universe is multi-layered in its frequencies and forms, and we thoroughly and constantly co-exist within these layers amongst a profound number of Beings. 


Some of these Beings have always walked with us through our lifetimes as Ancestors, Guardians and Guides.  Others belong to the realms of Earth and to Nature.   And of course there are those who exist beyond this time and space as our Masters of Light and Angelic Guardians.  Some of them are very personal to us, just as our physical family are, and others are Universal, existing for the greater good of and in Service to all of Creation.

There is only one underlying Source of creation, and all Life is connected to this invisible force, going about in its perfect expression, guided to create and explore what it means to have life in the way that it experiences it.  Whatever our beliefs about who or what this aspect of existence is, we are always in its constant "Invisible Embrace©"... always held, always connected, always guided, loved and supported.

I was asked by my personal "Team of Light" to create this work with them for anyone who feels a genuine calling to this experience, to help form an empowering, en-lightening and constant bridge of conscious connection with their own Guardians of Light.

In this work we discover what it common to us and "them", and explore our dimension of existence as compared to the realms within which these other "manifestations of the Divine" inhabit.

It is also so important to know how to connect from a place of empowered light within the Soul and so we will explore what it means to have the strength and clarity to hold a personal space of integrity to allow this to take place in a loving and authentic way.

Questions of "creating reality" vs being "guided" come into play in this workshop, as well as a thorough and deep understanding of what it means to have been given Free Will.

We will also be exploring and clearing what blocks all of the above from taking place for us personally.

I could write for hours about the details of this particular workshop, but if you are drawn to it, you may already be feeling the "prompt" of your personal Team of Light as a resonance to what you have just read.  If so, this is their invitation to connect more deeply with you through the light of your Soul.  So, if this is creating a "song of resonance" within you, it may be time for you to more consciously feel and know what it is to live eternally within "The Invisible Embrace©".

Please contact me for further details so that I may answer any questions you may have.

From my "Team" to yours...

Love,  Light, Grace and  Blessings

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