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Taking the information from "Spirituality Simply Put" a step further, this workshop is about guiding you through what is now commonly called "illusion" and into a deeper experience of the truth of reality. 

Exploring the current dynamic of Ascension that is occuring on this Earth at this time, this body of work is aimed at helping you understand what Ascension actually is and how it will be affecting you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  I will be giving you techniques that help you to more fully activate this process if it is something that you choose.

A large part of our blockage on this journey is our experience of and belief in separation, and I will be guiding you into creating the beginnings of Unity Consciousness, through creating Unity within your own life firstly, and then healing the separation your perceive around you.

Part of being incarnate on the Earth at this time, and something that we are all experiencing, is the realisation that we are no longer simply humans with five physical senses.  We are now multi-sensorial humans, learning to trust and contend with all of the information we are downloading daily through our intuition, interpersonal "scans" and knowing senses to name only three of the "new senses" that we are all naturally developing, whether we are consciously aware of them or not.

We are all experiencing what it means to live more fully in the timeless world, and this will be explained more fully.  We will explore how the development of certain external technologies indicate a time when we are now accessing our "internal technologies" more fully.  We all have a sense of the "quickening" that is taking place for humanity, and we will explore what it means to move through life at a speed that we have not yet learned to integrate into our bodies.

We will be discussing all that the above evolution entails and utilizing the tools that help to integrate and more fully empower these abilities and experiences.

If this exciting and illuminating body of work resonates with you, please contact me for further details, and I happily answer any questions you may have.

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