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We are all born intuitive and this powerful “sense” is the first that we use as tiny babies to understand and engage life. Children are phenomenally intuitive and easily read all that is happening within their environment.  As we get older we learn to trade our intuitive capacities for logic and reason, and we bury these gifts.  At some point they will start to resurface - usually in moments of chaos and change - and it is at these times that we really wish we could “turn up the volume” on the intuitive voice to understand it more clearly and hear the direction and guidance it is giving us in terms of “what comes next”.

We live in an exciting time of accelerated evolution where we are realising that humans are in fact multi-sensorial beings, no longer limited to using only the five senses and the logical mind to make decisions and walk the path of life. Honing our intuitive skills, like any other skill, takes practise and requires guidance.

As an intuitive counsellor and someone who has worked in the intuitive fields since the early 1990’s and still “reading” for clients all over the world, I have created this four week mini-retreat program to walk you into greater alignment with your own intuitive self.  Join me in the sanctuary space of The Yurt at Wooley Grange, where we will explore and begin transforming your relationship with this wise, all-knowing and powerful aspect of yourself. I look forward to warmly welcoming you and making these journeys with you.  See you there :)




One morning per week very Thursday morning for 4 weeks 


(To Be Advised)

Week One

Understanding the personal “conditions” necessary for empowered intuition


Week Two

Releasing the blocks that prevent your intuitive voice rising

Week Three

Learning the language of your unique intuitive voice

Week Four

Applying intuition to daily life and what to do in moments of crisis


(To Be Advised)


(To Be Advised)


(To Be Advised)

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Something warm and comfortable to sit on, a journal for notes, something to drink and an open mind for new possibilities



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