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Workshops, Webinars 

and  Retreats

Workshops and retreats are an effective and enjoyable way of creating a space of learning and sharing, where the dynamics of a group can be used to explore various topics, tools and skills which lead to greater insight into your personal journey.  It is always my intention that these will lead to you more fully expanding your knowledge of Self and empower your life beyond any limitation you wish to transcend.

I have created and run workshops, webinars and retreats on a whole range of topics, starting at the very beginning of the spiritual journey where learning and mastering the basics of the Human Energy System is so vital.  Workshop material then expands through ever-widening concepts and topics, and extending fully into support for the more complex experience of exploring the depths of Mysticism and how that path applies to your personal life.

My aim is always to guide you into being able to efficiently and permanently access your Soul and its wisdom.  It is entirely possible to "personalise" your relationship with the Divine and bring to your life the positive impact of greater spiritual stamina, an increased sense of spiritual connection, and a greater flow of trust and faith.

These workshops are about giving you the experience of the above, together with tools which will help you to stabilize these states of Being.  This is done within an environment that gives you the support you need to achieve the empowerment of your highest potential in this life. 

All of these workshops are also offered in person and/or as webinars, so please contact me for details and information.

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