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Ride The Dragon©                  

Ride the Dragon©


"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances.  If there is any reaction, they are both transformed.

                          ~ Carl Jung

One of the most wonderful and powerful, and yet most confusing and disturbing aspects of life that we all experience irrespective of age, gender or creed, is interpersonal RELATIONSHIP.

Whether this is in an intimate manner or simply through friendships or the relationships at work, the mysteries that are our relationships, and why they begin as they do, and how they become what they are... in all of their emotional highs and lows, storms and unimagineable bliss... the journeys that make- up these stories are nothing short of what it must feel like to master and ride a Dragon.

These experiences demand our greatest focus to understand them, and capture the vast majority of our energy in our daily life.  Not only do we have relationships with people, but with our environments, the state of our planet, our collective unconscious and with Mother Nature herself.

All of the ecstasy and pain, and fire and ice that this experience called "relation-ship", brings us to the point of needing lenses, tools and insight, and in this particular workshop I take you on a journey which explores the energy dance that is the "dragon" of relationship.

Through ancient wisdom, psychological insight and a myriad of tools, I aim to help you navigate the waters of your relationships... calm or stormy... in a way that brings your shadow to Light, your trauma to Grace, and your chaos to Blessing and Empowerment.

If you would like greater insight into the mystery of relationships in your life, and tools to help master and stabilise the "ride" that they take you on, this may be a workshop that is worth your while taking.

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