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"Spirit is that part of you that

          feels like hope."       

                            ~ Caroline Myss

Born in Harare, Zimbabwe and now based in Bath in the United Kingdom, Samantha is an Intuitive Counsellor and Contemporary Mystic who has over 25 years’ experience in the fields of Counselling, Mysticism, Spiritual Directorship,  Development of the Relationship with the Soul, Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Healing and Teaching.


Growing-up in a home where an atmosphere of personal exploration of the relationship between the spiritual life and physical life was encouraged and supported,  Samantha was able, from a young age, to easily achieve transcendent states at will.  The perspectives gained in these experiences created a natural clarity and compassion in her as well as a heightened intuitive ability, and coupled with her training in Reiki in her early twenties, exploring the mind/body connection through Hypnotherapy, and working and studying for years alongside psychologists, doctors, monks and healers, she has developed a deep and permanent open-hearted empathy with people, that she readily uses to see into what she calls “the heart of people”, quickly by-passing the ego/personality and its resistance mechanisms, to get to the Soul-based truth of any complex situation.


Working in-person from her home and over-distance on Skype, Samantha works all over the world, and currently works in the United Kingdom, USA, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Japan, Lebanon, Australia, Qatar, France, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Thailand, Nepal, Scotland, New Zealand and Austria.


Inspired by years of personal One-On-One Sessions, Samantha has facilitated work with people of all ages and from all walks of life, bringing healing, empowerment and transformation to innumerable individuals all over the world.  Testimonials of her work can be read on the Testimonials Page on this site.

She has also created many Workshops and Webinars, all developed to teach expansive knowledge about the relationship between the Soul and the personality/ego aspect of the human being and to hand-over the "tools of the trade", thereby guiding and empowering attendees into a deeper sense of self-knowing, spiritual independence and self-sufficiency. 

Always ready to help anyone who is in need of assistance, she is known for putting you at ease immediately with her compassionate and non-judgemental approach.  She works to ensure that you feel seen and witnessed without feeling judged, and that you have a sense of what it is you can do to create the changes in your life that will move you forward into new experiences and perspectives. 

Her delivery of clarity and accuracy is always light, open-hearted, clear, and yet firmly to the point, and through this “gently firm" approach and with great emphasis on integrity, compassion and humility, she works to bring understanding and coherence to your challenge, which brings an immediate sense of relief as the "bigger picture" perspective is revealed.

By bringing you into greater awareness of your Soul and its impact on your everyday life, Samantha guides you into a greater sense of inner-authority, freeing you into the insight and wisdom you need to navigate your life's events through Soul-Based-Living and the wisdom of what it means to live with an Empowered and Open Heart. 

In a personal capacity, Samantha works constantly to explore the boundaries of Soul, Body, Mind and Heart, and humbly and consistently works on her own personal development, to stay as clear and evolving as she is able.  She also continues her studies with her chosen and respected teachers, ensuring she is as “current” and up-to-date as possible in this ever-evolving field.

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