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"Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Knowledge is limited. 

Imagination encircles the world."

                                                              ~ Albert Einstein

Imagery is in my life the most honest, enlightening and authentic path to congruence, revelation, healing and wholeness.  It is for this reason that imagery is the main component of the work that we will do together, along with intuitive readings and spiritual directorship.  Let me explain a little more.


 Image is the oldest form of language, common to all life and for mankind it is the foundation language of our subconscious, and the language we used before we became "verbal" beings.


It is through images that our subconscious communicates with us consistently all that we need to be well in life, all of the answers to all the questions we ask, and all of the guidance and the clarity that we seek.  It is the language that links our deep inner world to our outer experience through the wisdom of the body, and unlike mediation which detaches our mind from our bodies, imagery powerfully marries our body with our mind and all of our aspects together, bringing us into greater inner alignment and therefore alignment with All Life.


Our very earliest memories of life are stored as images, and our bodies respond to and communicate these "stories" to us continually, showing us how we have woven our lives into the unique tapestries that we each experience.  


When we hear a story, it is through the images that we see and the emotions that move us as we experience all the twists and turns and movements of the journey.  The images move through the body giving us visceral and real sensations.  Just try imagining the rolling through of freshly cut grass, or the smelling the perfect rose or tasting a freshly cut lemon, and watch how immediately your body responds as your senses unfurl and you have a real physical reaction within the body.

These worlds are inextricably linked and there is a very particular path to take in order to access the world of our inner images to clear what needs resolving and then create a new weaving for our lives to follow.  Making the corrections we need to through the imagination opens the way for our physical, emotional and mental bodies to live life in a new, life-affirming and more joyful way. 

Images allow us to dive deeply into our bodies and previous creations, bringing their own insightful messages to the surface from the subconscious, and this is happening at all times whether we are aware of them or not.  We tend to experience this most clearly when our conscious minds rest as we are sleeping through our night dreams (follow this link for further information) but these images are constantly rising through our thoughts and experiences, even during our daily, waking states, always moving to giving us meaning, understanding and guidance.


Whether you are looking to heal your body, transform old patterns, understand yourself in new and deeper ways, or seek mystical revelation, imagery is the most powerful path I can offer you in service.

It is easy and simple, and most of all enjoyable, as you relax into allowing your deeper mind and heart to speak to you about all you need to know.

Anything and everything is possible through this deep, light work.

All sessions are done in person,

and the utmost privacy and confidentiality is assured.

Please contact me for any personal queries.

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