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The Interior



The Interior Castle©


"Let Nothing Disturb You.

Let Nothing Frighten You.

All Things Pass Away.

God Never Changes.

Patience Obtains All Things.

Whoever Has God Lacks Nothing.

God Alone Suffices.

~ Teresa of Avila

In all my years of personal seeking, facilitating healing with individuals and working with groups, there are certain bodies of work that I have personally experienced and witnessed others developing fuller capacities in:-

(i) living a life led from the Sacred Space of the Heart

(ii) living a life of greater compassion and union with others and all life

(iii) creating profound personal awareness

(iv) bringing genuine empowerment, and

(iii) allowing permanent transformation when fully engaged. 


In this regard I have created these "Exploring..." pages.  Through them I hope to guide you to what I consider to be some of the  greatest mystics, teachers and authors of our time.   I consider Caroline Myss to be one of the "ultimate".

I, in no way claim ownership of or claim to be an expert in this work.  As one who is inspired and humbled by Caroline Myss and her body of work, I wish to bring your attention to "Entering The Castle" by linking it to this site. 


I could not even begin to explain the beginnings of and inspired creation that is Caroline Myss' "Entering The Castle".  I do not have the words to communicate how the relationship between Caroline and Teresa of Avila began and how this remarkable path came to be.  I can only recommend that you visit to get a sense of Caroline's journey, its beginnings, Saint Teresa and her profound understanding of the Soul, and whether you are called to this journey for yourself.  I do not use the word "called" lightly, as the decision to enter into this book and work is one that is not made by your personality... it is a calling that only your Soul can guide you to and guide you through as you plumb the depths of what it really means to fully make the journey into "to enter the holy place that is your Soul."

In my personal capacity, if you are drawn to these teachings, I would be humbled and happy to talk with you and walk with you as a Soul Companion in the hope of supporting and aiding your journey through this work.  If you feel my assistance and insight would be beneficial to you, please feel free to contact me in this regard, and I humbly wish you illumination, love and Grace through your exploration of this life-changing work.

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