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Spirituality Simply Put©


Spirituality... Simply Put ©

This workshop is created with two purposes in mind:-


1.  If you are in the early stages of your spiritual journey, this workshop will give you a solid grounding in the basics of understanding and experiencing what it means to be a spritual being having a human experience. 


2.  If you are well on your way on the "long journey" of spiritual exploration and just need a "refresher" course on how to re-connect at the most basic levels to your spiritual life and energy self, this workshop will bring you a sense of personal realignment through techniques that create a clear and conscious communication between yourself and your energies.

We will explore your origins as a spiritual being prior to physical incarnation, what it means to have fields of energy, and how to access and harmonize all of these levels within and around you in one space.

There are guided meditations which incorporate a particular use of your breath to create powerful and permanent connections between yourself and your Spirit, so that you may access this connection at all times, and particularly when in need.

We will also be discussing techniques that allow you to create more effectively in your life, and how it is that you can fully shift your present circumstances in any direction of your choosing.

We exist as part of a vast and beautiful Universe, and we will be looking at defining our part of the Universe for you, as well as bringing you insight into what the other levels and realms are.  If you would like to understand how you are connected to those realms and "who" from those realms walks with you and guides and assists you in your life each and every day, this may be the workshop for you.

This workshop is all about helping you live more consciously every day, and live the truths of what it means to expand your awareness and experience the Joy that comes with greater connectedness to Life.

I am always excited to share this light and joyful work, in person via groups or personally in the comfort of your own home through webinars.

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